Buford, GA Dermatologists Reveal Interesting Fact About Stress and Wrinkles
By North Georgia Dermatology
March 18, 2014
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Buford, GA Dermatologist“Worrying will give you wrinkles and gray hair. “
How many times have you heard that one? There isn’t one way to define stress, but in general, it’s the body’s natural response to change or distress. People tend to relate stress to the following symptoms:
  • Frequent headaches
  • Feeling anxious, overwhelmed and confused
  • Tremors of the hands
  • Grinding teeth
  • Clenching jaw
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sleep issues
There are minor and major stressors, and most people can’t shake their stress. Why? It’s because they don’t know how.
If you let your stress overwhelm you and it develops into chronic stress, there can be consequences, such as depression, weight gain, anxiety and heart disease. There is one more possible negative affect chronic stress can have on you-premature aging.

It’s not just stress; it’s chronic stress that may cause accelerated aging

There has been much research focusing on the affects chronic stress has on aging and the appearance of your skin.
While wrinkles may not start popping up all at once, stress-related exhaustion can trigger an elevation in blood cortisol, which can increase blood sugar, which can damage collagen and elastin-two things that keep your face smooth and supple.
When you are stressed, your facial muscles will tense more, causing worry lines.

Sweat out the stress with exercise

If you feel like everything is building up, maybe you need to sweat it out. Exercise is a wonderful activity to unwind and de-stress. You don’t have to go out and run five miles, but a little movement can go a long way for most.
As long as your doctor states you are fit for exercise, feel free to run, jog, walk and stretch your way to a stress-free lifestyle.

What if fine lines have already set in?

If frown lines have gotten you down, talk to your Buford, GA dermatologists about cosmetic dermatology services offered at North George Dermatology. There are a number of treatment options to help your skin appear younger. Some popular wrinkle treatments include:
  • Botox - it’s an injection that relaxes the muscles, creating a softer look near the brow line, outside corner of the eyes and forehead. 
  • Restylane (non-animal Hyaluronic acid product) - restore the skin’s lost volume with gel filler.
  • Perlane/Juverderm Ultra/Voluma - if you have deeper lines or true depressions, try Perlane/Juverderm Ultra or Voluma, for replacing volume in areas that require more support.
For more information about any of our services, call one of our dermatology offices near Braselton, Buford, Lawrenceville and Dacula.