Laser for Vitiligo

The Excimer Laser is designed to provide a safe and effective treatment for  Vitiligo.  Using a carefully focused beam of laser light delivered through an advanced-technology hand piece, the Laser system can treat vitiligo skin patches quickly and effectively. Because the  Laser is able to concentrate the light only to the affected area, it can deliver the doses necessary to stimulate repigmentation in the vitiligo patch without exposing the healthy skin.

Laser therapy can be used on any vitiligo areas regardless of location on the body. However, studies have shown that it tends to be most successful on the face and neck.  It is also safe for children, pregnant women and women who are nursing.  Laser treatments are performed 2 to 3 times per week. The treatments are relatively quick but the exact time depends on the areas being treated and the extent of the involvement. Most patients will begin to see repigmentation within 6 to 12 treatments. Successful repigmentation often can be obtained in 30 treatments or less. (Individual results will vary.)

Most patients feel no pain or discomfort during laser sessions and anesthesia is not required. Occasionally, some patients report a warm sensation, similar to a mild sunburn, at the treatment site. The most common side effect of the laser is erythema (redness).  Other possible side effects include blisters or hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin). Side effects are generally well tolerated, and during the trial study, no patients discontinued treatments due to side effects.

Laser therapy for vitiligo is covered by some insurance companies; however the coverage will vary by plan. If not covered by your insurance, affordable payment options are available.